STEPPS Sponsors
Mt. Pleasant Fund Board members Jimmy Curley and Flip Rosenberry attended the first STEPPS (Summit for Teen Empowerment, Progress, and Parenting Success) at the end of last month and we both came away impressed with the success of this inaugural effort. The Mt. Pleasant Fund had provided funding to be one of the sponsoring organizations, and it’s fair to say that our financial support was well worth it.

We both came away impressed by the number of participants (both teens and representatives of the agencies that support them).

One of the more notable aspects from our perspective was the number of young fathers that attended. They were active participants in the workshops that we attended.

We certainly hope that this conference becomes an annual event as those we spoke with seemed to be quite pleased to see that there was so much support for them both as individuals and as parents.

You can see more from the conference by clicking here. You can also see many more pictures on Facebook.

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