covid-19 Emergency Funds Available: 

The Mt. Pleasant Fund Board of Directors has freed up funding to respond to the current crisis. We have made the process for seeking this funding as simple as possible for current and future partners. We recognize the burden that is being placed on nonprofits and those they serve right now, and we don’t want to add to that burden.

We are interested in providing support to organizations that are serving marginalized children and their families in Holyoke. In response to the crisis, we specifically want to partner with organizations currently engaged (or planning to be engaged) in at least one of the following activities:
  • Providing meals to food insecure households.
  • Providing child care for families with a least one member of the household engaged in front line medical care in response to covid-19.
  • Providing medical advice, advocacy, and outreach to families who are unwilling or unable to access medical care.
If you feel that your organization might be a partner with us in this effort, send an email to flip@mtpleasantfund.org , and we will together figure out next steps.
If you were in the process of applying to us for funding under our “normal” guidelines, we encourage you to continue that process whether or not you might also be eligible for this pool of emergency funding.

Mt. Pleasant Fund 2.24.18

Since 2002, the Mt. Pleasant Fund, a private, non-operating foundation, has sought to partner with nonprofit organizations in a way that goes beyond traditional grantor-grantee relationships. In addition to “writing the checks,” we have sought to visit as many agencies as possible, and we have in recent years begun a program of actively volunteering with our partners.

We believe that by striving to truly partner with the agencies, we will maximize the positive impact that we can have on the people the agencies are serving.

The founders of the Mt. Pleasant Fund originally started it as a way for their families and friends to work together on philanthropic issues of interest to all of them. As the Fund has developed, this objective remains though anyone interested in becoming a member of the foundation is welcome to do so.

In September of 2019, the Board of Directors voted to narrow our programmatic focus considerably. Our priority for the foreseeable future is to support organizations that are serving marginalized families with children living within the city limits of Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Prospective donors and partner agencies are encouraged to spend some time looking at this site in an effort to answer questions you may have.

Those seeking funding can find the first step in the process by clicking the “MPF News” button above and looking at the item dated 2/1/21 .

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