Latest News

4/18/17: Invitations have been sent to prospective partners. The deadline for applications to be submitted from those invitees is April 28, 2017

11/18/16: We have made our gifts to the organizations selected to partner with us for FY16 (10/1/16-9/30/16). We will be sending another round of invitations out to prospective partners in January or early February of 2017.

8/26/16: Site visits to those agencies still under consideration for funding from us for this cycle have now been completed. We anticipate being able to notify all applicants of our decisions by the end of September.

2/26/16: Every organization that we intend to invite to apply to us for this funding cycle has now had their invitations emailed or snail mailed to them. The deadline to have applications to us is April 8, 2016. We expect to have completed our initial review of the applications by mid-late May.

1/15/16: We are in the process of collecting ideas from our Board and membership with regard to which organizations we are going to invite to apply to us for funding this year. Invitees can expect to hear from us in early February.

8/27/15: We are conducting site visits to those agencies under current consideration for funding from us. We expect to make our final decisions by the end of September and applicant agencies can expect to hear from us at that time. The next round of invitations to those agencies that we hope to have apply to us will go out in early 2016.

12/29/14: We are currently in the process of compiling a list of agencies that we’ll be inviting to submit Letters of Intent for our current funding cycle. We anticipate the invitations going out in mid-January, 2015. MPF members are encouraged to let the office know if they have specific agencies that they’d like to see added to the list.

11/10/14: The MPF Annual Report is available. Anyone wishing a copy may contact the office to receive one via hard copy or electronically.


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