Monthly Archives: November 2011

Current Grantees Should Be Hearing From Us Soon

MPF President Flip Rosenberry will be contacting the current grantees soon to begin looking for concrete possibilities for MPF members to volunteerpartner with your organizations. Our board has had some interesting conversations relating to what we think we might be able to offer, but now it’s time to get your input. Let’s get this ball rolling!

The CARE Center Receives National Honor

CARE White House

(CARE Center Executive Director Anne Teschner, Student Tashia Davis, and First Lady Michelle Obama)

MPF grantee The CARE Center was a recent recipient of a National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award. Big congratulations to all at THE CARE Center for receiving this award presented by Michelle Obama at the White House last week.

You can read more about The CARE Center’s receiving the award here. You can read more about the other programs that received awards here. Finally, you can see a video of the entire presentation here. As you’ll see, there’s some pretty inspiring work being done not only at The CARE Center but all around the country as well.

MPF’s Annual Meeting Elects Three New Directors

For the first eight years of the Mt. Pleasant Fund’s existence, we have had the same four directors serving the organization. At the annual meeting held two weekends ago, the members of the Fund elected three new Directors to join Jimmy Curley, Peggy Rosenberry, Liz Rosenberry, and Flip Rosenberry. They are:

  • Lee Barstow of Amherst. Lee is the Director of Advancement Reporting and Systems at Amherst College. He is also the Interim Minister at the First Congregational Church of Leverett, MA.
  • Caroline Curley of Quincy, Massachusetts. Caroline is Jimmy’s daughter. She recently graduated from the University of Chicago and is an operations analyst with Atlantic Trust Company in Boston.
  • Kelly Keane of Amherst. Kelly is the Coordinator of the Nursing Success Program at Holyoke Community College. She also is the co-Director of Spirit Sports Camp for Girls.

Lee, Caroline, and Kelly were nominated by the current Directors because of the support and interest they have given to the Fund as members. We think they’re going to make a real difference for the Fund, and by obvious extension, our partners.