Monthly Archives: September 2013

FY2013 Partners Announced

We are really excited to report that we have decided which organizations we will be partnering with for our upcoming fiscal year. They are:

AppleTree Educational Center of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
Canones Early Childhood Center of Canones, New Mexico
Homework House of Holyoke, Massachusetts
Hope House of Colorado of Arvada, Colorado

These organizations have many things in common, but the one constant with each of them is that they are working with young children experiencing some exceptionally trying circumstances.

The Mt. Pleasant Fund board took particular interest in these organizations because we believe they are doing wonderful things for a segments of the population that are woefully underserved or ignored altogether.

It’s absolutely our pleasure to provide support to each of these agencies, and we look forward to partnering with them over the coming year.

Starting Up The Blog Again

After a bit of a sabbatical the Mt. Pleasant Fund blog is up and running again. The posts below this one are outdated and should not be used as a guide to where the Fund is now.

This blog is meant to benefit both members (donors to the Fund) and partners (grantees). Only members and partners have access to this blog so users should feel comfortable knowing that information exchanged here is seen only by current members and partners.

Ideally this blog will, among other things, serve to connect volunteers with agencies, keep partners updated with regard to news related to the MPF, and keep members updated with regard to news about our partners.