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Our Newest Grantee

STEPPS Flyer For Blog

The Mt. Pleasant Fund Board of Directors recently voted to award a $1,500 grant to the Young Parents’ Program (YPP) at Boston Children’s Hospital. This grant is specifically targeted to fund a teen parenting summit sponsored in part by Children’s and to be held this upcoming June 29th.

Typically, we award our grants in August and September and will do so again this year, but because of the timing of the conference, we wanted to expedite our decision making process in this one instance.

Congratulations to the Young Parents’ Program and welcome aboard!

A Message From Carole Haas, the Executive Director at Bridgeway

As we celebrate our 25th year at Bridgeway I appreciate and am excited at the prospect of a national partnership for those of us whose mission is to work with the teen pregnant and parenting population.  Re-occurring national conferences could afford tremendous opportunities for sharing our unique expertise and experiences, as well as lending support to one another.

We really enjoyed the conference in September and thank Mt. Pleasant for making it possible.  There were so many wonderful ideas presented and we loved the tour of The Care Center.  It was really nice to be able to connect with everyone.

The focus of our weekly life skills classes at Bridgeway continues to address the diverse needs of our parenting teens during this challenging time in their lives.  So many of the girls have not been afforded positive role modeling nor caring intervention during their earlier years, and life skills are an integral part of our program. 

We are presently assessing the need for more concentrated preparation which will assist our teen moms as they near their transition time from Bridgeway to the larger community.  These challenges often seem overwhelming to a young mom.

Our parenting teens who are participating in our Youth Transition Program, living in their own apartments, have made tremendous progress with improving their independent living skills.  Initially some of the girls struggled with the additional responsibilities and independence, and in time have grown in their ability to become both successful parents and self sufficient.

A Note From Hope House of Colorado Executive Director Lisa Steven

Hi all! Anne and Ana, it makes me miss you just to look at the pictures of your girls on your web site! Hope House is almost done writing our five year Strategic Plan, and The Care Center was a topic of much discussion during our planning process. Our visit in September 2010 to MA and The Care Center solidified for us that one of our five year Strategic Goals is to create national, and even international, partnerships with those who serve parenting teens, and who have the same basic values that we do. Our desire is to create relationships that sharpen us all, and allow us to serve our teen moms even more efficiently. A second objective for Hope House is to build a Resource Center near our current Residential Home for teen moms. This would allow us to provide GED, life skills, Parenting and healthy relationship classes. We want a daycare center and a large kitchen. Thanks to The Care Center we know we need an art room and a “school nurse”! I can’t wait to keep in touch as we start our Resource Center process, and learn from all of you! A huge thank you to the Mt Pleasant Fund for inspiring us through that trip!